22 October, 2010

Wow! This is amazing!

This is G O R G E O U S!! This is a pattern - a PDF pattern which is especially nice for impulse buyers like me. LOL
I found it on Etsy and asked the designer if I could feature it here on my blog. I was so happy she said "yes"!!!!! I have always wanted to do a bargello project and cannot wait to clear out my fabric and store inventory so I can try this one!
Please visit her etsy store - she is really nice! Here is a link to her store:


05 September, 2010

Listing my Stampin' Up! stamps on ebay now...........

Well, my effort to "clean out" is really huge! I cannot believe all the stuff I "needed" that I really didn't need. hahaha!
So I am putting my Stampin' Up! stamps on ebay now. It's taking me forever! Very hard to part with these but I just don't have time to use them all - sad, huh?

31 August, 2010

Fabric Sale! Quilting books and more too!

I just put everything in my ebay store on sale - please check it out!
Here's a link:


School starts tomorrow and I'm trying to clear out my fabrics and supplies - so I will be listing more too! Get ready for the holidays and make your gifts this year!

28 August, 2010

Pretty Nightingale Necklace.....another etsy find!

Oooooooooooohhhh, this is pretty!
This beautiful necklace and so many beautiful nature-inspired pieces are available at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/AllureByU
The holidays are coming up fast! I think this would make a lovely gift or stocking stuffer! I love birds so this piece jumped out at me!

19 August, 2010

Around the world in 80 blogs............

I've decided to travel the world in 80 blogs! Please join me by clicking on the link in the sidebar!

10 August, 2010

Woo hoo! An award!

How cool is this? Jessica at http://ecofriendlyfreckles.blogspot.com/
chose me as one of 15 blogs that she loves! Thank you! I think I have all the rules right:
1. Post the award here - done! It's cute, huh?
2. Link back to the blog that awarded you the award - done!
3. Follow that blog - done! Happy to be a follower too!
4. Choose 15 of my faves - done and here they are in no particular order and I LOVE them all! My choices were made based on the fact that they go great with a cup of coffee and provide me with endless inspiration!
Please grab a cup of coffee and visit these blogs!

07 August, 2010

Organic blackberries

Today I forgive the briars and brambles that are taking over my property! I love that they provide homes for cute little bunnies, adorable baby raccoons and coyotes but they just don't ever stop creeping their way into total ownership of every square inch of my beautiful property. But today rather than being frustrated, I am embracing the fact that I can harvest organic berries and make a ton of blackberry bread to freeze! No maintenance or care required! Just pick and use. Loves it!

My Banana Blackberry Applesauce bread with an orange cream cheese glaze

30 July, 2010

Wow! Cathedral windows quilting!

Okay I love love love these! Gorgeous colors and gorgeous work! This girl has talent! From pillow covers to pin cushions - and some fabulous quilts too! Please check out her etsy shop at the link below!

29 July, 2010

What a nice friendship card.......

This card is so pretty and what a beautiful quote! Handmade by ViveLaFranceDesign on etsy. Please go check out her shop!
Here's the link:

27 July, 2010

Natural crafting and a new etsy shop to see!

I love to look at new etsy shops and wanted to share this one with you!
I'm all for eco-friendly and natural crafting! This is a really cool design - spiral! This spiral hemp bracelet is from xPeppyandBellex on Etsy. Please click on the link below the photo to check out this new shop! http://www.xpeppyandbellex.etsy.com/

25 July, 2010

Bandit the Raccoon!

We have raccoons that like to climb up on our deck and eat our cat food at night! We named three of them "Bandit", "Bandito" and "Bandita" because they steal our kitty food! Little bandits! Well, the other night it was just beautiful out! Warm and clear and the river looked beautiful with the moon shining down. So, I was winding down and enjoying the peace and quiet late at night. Well, all of a sudden, I hear this growl coming from below the deck. Apparently, I stayed outside too late and Bandit was letting me know that I was keeping him from his dinner!

I thought this was so cute! I found him on etsy. Handmade by "BedBuggs" and his name is "Bandit"! Isn't he so cute?
Here is a link to him:

11 July, 2010

I need Pattern Testers! Crochet and Sewing.......

Anyone interested?
I am looking for people to test easy to intermediate crochet and sewing patterns and/or tutorials. If you are interested in being on the tester team, please leave a comment below OR contact me at FabricAndSuch@gmail.com and we can see if it works for you! It's not full time or anything fabulous, I just need some really cool people who LOVE to crochet or sew (or both!) that have the time and experience to test! Tester team members will have the right to sell finished projects under the terms of my copyright with NO cottage license required! As well, tester team members that have selling venues on etsy (and possibly other online sites) will be given credit for any photos along with their store info if so desired! So cross marketing and referrals are definitely a possibility!
Questions? Email me! Please! Thank you!

09 July, 2010

Fabric Fabric Fabric and more Fabric!

I've been scanning and scanning and listing fabric on ebay! Man, I have some really cute fabric. It's really hard to part with fabric. Even when you had a quilt shop full of it! And scrapbooking supplies & yarn...............not even going there. I'm a hoarder. I miss my store and especially my customers so much! But on the other hand, it's nice to be able to design and create for awhile!

10 June, 2010

Wedding Gift - Table Runner and stuff

My favorite niecebyproxy is getting married this weekend. So I threw together this table runner and some matching hot pads. I am kind of second guessing myself here - is this an okay gift? I just adore her, she is sooooo sweet. I wanted to make something for her but is this enough? hmmmm.

07 June, 2010

Another Birthday........sigh...........LOL

Well, I had yet one more birthday...May 31st. I think they are getting closer together, the older I get! It was a nice, quiet day for the most part and I got to do some sewing! Yay! Apparently, my love for chocolate must be very well known! I ended up with 3 different chocolate cakes - LOL YUM! One really cool thing that happened was when I got a text on my phone and checked it...........up comes a photo of some of my nieces and great-nieces (and a very cute brand new great-nephew) holding a sign that said "Happy Birthday!!!!!" They all got together and sent me a photo. I never expected that and it made my tear up. How very sweet! I moved out of state so I don't see them nearly enough! Okay, enough of that sentimental stuff. I just love my family so much! So, I really love this birthday card. It's from etsy of course and made with paper designed by Amy Butler! From YesTeacher's etsy shop....check it out! Click here:

28 May, 2010

Monkey Business!

I threw this together for a new baby boy in the family. I have so much fabric that I figured I should use it maybe?? LOL Both of the patterns that I used are from Precious Patterns. They do allow selling the finished items if you purchase the pattern. However, only 5 items online at a time and credit to Precious Patterns in your listing. The patterns are reasonably priced, PDF dowloads (love that!) and they run specials in their Etsy shop! Here is a link:

27 May, 2010

A great gift for the graduate....butterflies!

I've always kind of associated butterflies with new beginnings and the freedom to fly wherever their wings will take them. So wouldn't this beautiful photo of a beautiful butterfly be a great gift for the graduate heading off to college? Or the college graduate to hang in their new office or home? I think so! Of course, I found it on Etsy! This and lots of other gorgeous photography can be found in Silvine Photography's Etsy shop. To visit, just click here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SilvinePhotography

22 May, 2010

Helping others...it's just the right thing to do!

I was admiring this beautiful necklace on Etsy. Then I read that the seller (MissyM88) donates 5% of all of her Etsy sales to the Salvation Army. That is just a really cool thing to do! I hope you will visit her store if you are looking for graduation or birthday gifts or maybe some wedding accessories. To visit her store just click here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MissyM88 And thank you to the artist/seller that helps others by donating! You rock!

17 May, 2010

The Dog Days of Summer with GertyDesigns!

Lookie! I sold this fabric to the nicest lady on Etsy. It was the Lemonade Summer theme fabric and look what she did! How perfect is this collar for your puppy to enjoy walk and play time during the dog days of summer???
She has some really cool designs to dress up your puppy dog! And all sizes too! Make sure your puppy dog looks good this summer and make all the other canines jealous!

15 May, 2010


Ahem, my birthday is coming up.........hint hint ........just kidding. I just think this is so beautiful and wanted to share it! From etsy, naturally! Handmade by ISoTotes. Pink flowers, zippered pocket, handmade, and it's machine washable? Loves it! To see more photos of this fab purse, click the link here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/43003437/small-pink-orchid-hand-bag

14 May, 2010

Last Call for FREE fabric! Full Sun >>>>>>>>>>

Okay kids, this is "last call" for the drawing for today's fat quarter of Maywood Studio Full Sun! Just go to the sidebar - before 11:59pm PST tonight - on the right and click on "Fabric Friday Freebie!" and leave a comment. That's it! It's really a pretty quilting cotton! I'll ship it worldwide!

10 May, 2010

I cannot wait for sweet summertime!!

So, I had a GREAT Mother's Day weekend! All of my kids were here! They brought flowers, Starbucks, chocolate, and more! Did I raise them right or what? ;)

AND the sun was actually shining here in my little piece of the Pacific Northwest!
The down side: I looked over to see that the briars are thriving on rain/sun combo and will soon be taking over my property if I don't "manage" them - LOL managing briars/blackberry bushes........right.
The up side: Those same obnoxious briars are home to so many cute little baby bunnies in the spring AND provide TONS of huge, sweet blackberries in the summer! Even our puppy dogs will stop to eat blackberries on our walks!

So this is my fruit listing for the day on etsy and ebay - this fabric! You see, now it's raining but I am hanging on to the sunshine in my mind! You can see it here:
AND check my Etsy Finds Page - I am finding a bunch of berries & fruit related stuff so I can make a big Etsy Fruit Salad for you to look at! Don't forget to go to my sidebar and click on the Friday Fabric Freebie Page - leave a comment on there to win. That's it! EVERY friday as long as there is interest.

09 May, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

It's not too late to get her a gift today!

Why not go to ETSY and purchase a gift certificate from one of the fabulous etsy stores and let her shop! We all know we LOVE to peruse shopping venues! And she won't even have to drive to the mall or a store! For beautiful handmade jewelery and gift certificates to choose her own check out Gilliauna on etsy! Follow this link: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Gilliauna

08 May, 2010

Save up to 40% OFF select fabric!

I just put some of my fabric on sale in my ebay store! Up to 40% off select fabrics! Go check it out! http://stores.ebay.com/Sweetie-Scraps

Fabric Friday FREEBIE! Enter to win!

EVERY Friday I will do this as long as their is interest! For Friday May 14th, I am giving away a quilter's fat quarter of this gorgeous Sunflower (Full Sun) print from Maywood Studio! Please go to my Fabric Friday FREEBIE link on the sidebar on the right and simply leave a comment! That's it! You will be entered to win this. I will ship worldwide too! No cost to the winner! Enter every week! Please! Followers are always appreciated too!

04 May, 2010

Brides and Babies! Shower gifts in Black & White....or Ivory

I think I'm getting about a million shower invitations per week now! Well, maybe I'm not that popular but it seems that there are alot of happy things going on! Bridal & baby showers! Yay!
So I think everyone should buy all their gifts on etsy!

For the Brides................

When I saw this journal I thought it would make a beautiful wedding guest book. Then I noticed it sparkles! Now I know it would be perfect guest book! Loves it!
It is from JavaGirls on etsy. JavaGirls ~ I love that name! Well, I love anything coffee related. Please visit their store on etsy or click on the link below this photo:


For the Babies................

You know, babies are probably the most wonderful thing in the entire universe. But they still spit up. So you might as well be trendy while you catch it! A great shower gift - set of 2 coordinating baby burp cloths in black & white from ComeShopPinkLemonade! Just click on the link below the photos to visit her etsy store!

03 May, 2010

Etsy find! Pretty flowers for weddings, proms, graduation ~ or any time!

These are so pretty! The first thing that I thought of was all the June weddings coming up and how perfect these would be for bridesmaids! You wouldn't have to have matching dresses yet the same hair accessory in various colors or shades would tie it all together! I think these pretty bobbies would be perfect for short or long hair! They are handmade (eversocool) by MissyM88 on Etsy! Please check out all the hair accessories (and more!) in her shop at the link below:

30 April, 2010

Hand Knit Goddess Gloves and Free shipping too!

Bright popsicley (made that up so I can spell it however I want, right?) colors! Who wouldn't love that? I found these on etsy, naturally. Where all stuff cool resides. One of a kind, knit from cotton so these would be great for summer evenings! Who couldn't love something handmade by someone calling themselves "Cyber Hippie Gypsies" - check out their store and then the blog - both links are below. I don't know this couple but I do so admire them! Now I have to contact them and I'm hoping they won't be too hard on me for blogging them! I absolutely love their blog happenings!



How sweet!

I took a nap earlier so now I can't sleep. What do you do when you can't sleep? Hit up Etsy for some random inspiration! Well, it's STILL raining here in the Pacific Northwest so this really caught my eye! Flowers! Happy stuff! I am so excited for the May flowers that the non-stop April showers better bring! So, I fell in love with this adorable little baby dress and had to post it! It is from NoahsArkQuilting and here's the link:

28 April, 2010

Organic Baby Coolness!

So my super cool niece is having her first baby. It's a boy! As the most fabulous auntie in the world, it's my duty to spoil them both! I went to Jaminga.com and bought several soybean baby things. They were here almost immediately! I was amazed! Anyway, this is one of the things I got along with a cute matching hat, little sockies, a bib, and another coordinating one piece. This is a fab ensemble! And eco-friendly too! I love the feel of the soy fabric, it's so "silky." And the chocolate color is really nice because we all know that babies stain everything! I hope she loves it! Had to share that!

26 April, 2010

Cool Beans!

I found this GREAT idea and thought you could do so many things with this! A wish box, a goal box, a box of birthday wishes that everyone contributes to for the recipient, a fear or problem box to help children through tough times, gosh I could go on and on! How cool is this?
I had to ask the artist if I could put it here! And she was just so cool about it that I have to give you a link to this in her SCS gallery:

Paper or Fabric?

I think this will be the standard shopping checkout question soon! Meanwhile, I will hoard them both! Along with yarn, roving, paint, findings, craft magazines, patterns, rubber stamps, and so much more! Oh, chocolate is good too! There is nothing like perusing ETSY while drinking a fab cup of coffee and chasing it with chocolate!