10 May, 2010

I cannot wait for sweet summertime!!

So, I had a GREAT Mother's Day weekend! All of my kids were here! They brought flowers, Starbucks, chocolate, and more! Did I raise them right or what? ;)

AND the sun was actually shining here in my little piece of the Pacific Northwest!
The down side: I looked over to see that the briars are thriving on rain/sun combo and will soon be taking over my property if I don't "manage" them - LOL managing briars/blackberry bushes........right.
The up side: Those same obnoxious briars are home to so many cute little baby bunnies in the spring AND provide TONS of huge, sweet blackberries in the summer! Even our puppy dogs will stop to eat blackberries on our walks!

So this is my fruit listing for the day on etsy and ebay - this fabric! You see, now it's raining but I am hanging on to the sunshine in my mind! You can see it here:
AND check my Etsy Finds Page - I am finding a bunch of berries & fruit related stuff so I can make a big Etsy Fruit Salad for you to look at! Don't forget to go to my sidebar and click on the Friday Fabric Freebie Page - leave a comment on there to win. That's it! EVERY friday as long as there is interest.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for following my blog :) Yours is delightful and I am quite jealous of the blackberries growing everywhere...YUM.