29 September, 2011

Christmas isn't right around the corner.....................

Unless you make most or all of your holiday gifts! I've been doing just that for - well - ahem - longer than I will admit. It seems like you can never start holiday projects soon enough. I am attempting to "make room" in my "making room." So, I shuffle, move, reshuffle and remove. I don't mean "remove" - oh no! I mean "re-move" so I don't actually have to part with the stuff that I love the very most! Which is pretty much everything.

So, I gave up for today and started taking photos of some winter fabrics & flannels to put in my ebay store. Well, isn't this just the cutest thing ever???? And it's from Moda so it's soft, warm and wonderful! I am going to make myself a quilt - maybe a rag quilt - to snuggle up in while I sit and hand sew, needle felt and crochet my way through winter! I listed some in my ebay store but naturally, I hoarded the rest! It's called Christmas Kitsch and I think these are the only three fabrics I have left from this line.

23 August, 2011

It never ceases to amaze me - the talent you find on Etsy!

I constantly peruse Etsy - for inspiration, supplies, gifts, and never ending personal peace and happiness. Vitamin E = Vitamin Etsy - I take it at least three times a day! And this artist (MG Gallery) is amazing. Her colors make me very happy! How beautiful is this? Fabric, thread, imagination, and talent!
Please visit MG Gallery

25 June, 2011

Sugar Skulls, Paseo De Los Muertos and Jardin De Los Muertos in stock!

Calaveras (Large Sugar Skulls) with glitter on Black

Paseo De Los Muertos on Black (above)

Jardin De Los Muertos on Black (above)

Alexander Henry Calaveras (Sugar Skulls) is back in stock! I also added Paseo De Los Muertos and Jardin De Los Muertos to my etsy and ebay stores! Jardin De Los Muertos is new for 2011!
If I ever manage to get anything made from these fabrics, I will post some photos!

16 May, 2011

How cool is this?

While getting my daily dose of etsy ~ which is an important part of any balanced breakfast ~ I came across this tote bag. Made of selvages - woo hoo!!!

Selvages are just amazing to me to begin with - why? Who knows. Could be the designer/textile company names, the color dots and/or the fact that I'm beginning to think that selvages are indestructable! I have a small quilted wallhanging made from selvages cut from fabrics in my store.

As a fabric hoarder, recycler/upcycler and huge fan of anything unique and handmade, I had to contact the artist that made it and see if I could share it here! Thank you Sheri of Bungalow Quilts! Upon looking further into her shop, I found a bunny made of selvages, quilts, table runners, fabric paper dolls and more! Please visit her shop on etsy if you get a moment:

29 April, 2011

Spring Cleaning Clearance! Quilting fabric, thread, etc.!

I've been working my little fingers to the bone this week! Cutting, bagging and listing! I am having a Spring Cleaning Sale in my ebay store! I ship worldwide (Priority outside U.S.) so please check it out! Below wholesale prices on old stock! It has got to go! Stock up and help me get it gone! =)


04 April, 2011

More new fabric on the way!

It's like a national holiday for me whenever I get the shipping notifications! Wooty woot woot woot! I track the shipping 6 or 8 times a day until the morning of scheduled delivery - then I wait by the door, looking through the windows until my BFF of the day - Sam, the UPS driver - whom I refer to as "SAMta Claus" - shows up! Poor fella' probably dreads it. But he always has a smile on his face and is ever so helpful and kind. I'm pretty sure he thinks I am crazy. I'm not sure which fabrics are being shipped - sometimes they are out and sometimes they are on back order. Let's hope they are all in this shipment! I had to reorder a couple of these because they sold out! These are all from Michael Miller Fabrics and will be available in my etsy and ebay stores as soon as I can get them inventoried and listed! I just had to share my happiness!

23 March, 2011

Somebunny did some scrapbooking!

2 pages - 12x12 layout for Easter
I'll have to add photos after the big hunt!
These little bunnies and the peek-a-boo bear are just paper pieced from Bazzill textured cardstock. I draw my little guys, trace them onto clear/frosted template plastic to make my templates. I love to draw cute little characters and bring them to life! The only cardstocks I use are Bazzill and Stampin' Up! GREAT quality and colors! I use chalks and a makeup sponge (cheap!) to edge the pieces in ink before I assemble them.
Hidden journaling ~ this tag just tucks behind the photo mat!
More hidden journaling ~ I just used a small brad to allow the piece to "swing" open.
I dressed up some of my old Prima paper flowers by brushing them with Stickles! Love Love Love the sparkly stuff! You can use a cheap, stiff brush to brush it on before or even after you stack the flowers. I used small brads for the centers. You can either adhere them with the brad OR use Glue Dots. Glue dots rock!
Use your scraps! I'm such a hoarder. The sign was made with scraps from my little bunnies and the bear above. Oh! And naturally, I had to use my sewing machine too! I simply sewed around the edges of the photo mat to the left of the sign.
Bling Baby!
It's hard to see in this photo but I just dressed up some older papers and random punch out frames with Swarovski flat back crystals, rub-ons and metal pieces I had laying around! I just happened to have had a 12x12 piece of gingham paper from a bazillion years ago that matched Icelyn's little dress!
A few quick things:
My favorite adhesives are Glue Dots, red sticky strips and simply good old Scotch double sided tape! Yep, it's photo safe and it actually held up displays in my store better than any other adhesive! So, if you can't get to a Scrapbook store or wait to order online, just run to your local grocery store, home improvement store, Wallymart or even variety pharmacy store - they probably have Scotch double sided tape!

16 March, 2011

Japan, we LOVE you!


I just found this on Etsy and contacted the seller. She makes these buttons/badges and is donating all the proceeds to Red Cross for the relief effort for our friends in Japan! Bless her heart for doing this! They are selling like hotcakes! So, if you don't find this in her shop, you can probably send her a convo!
Please visit TheArtfulBadger at http://www.theartfulbadger.etsy.com/

03 March, 2011

I finally made a fabric banner/bunting - woo hoo!

Well! I finally made a reversible bunting/banner from fabric! I used Michael Miller Good Luck Tattoo - LOVE the turquoise and red thing right now - and Petals in the black colorway. I am making more with my other fabrics and will post photos if I ever get them done - LOL

16 February, 2011

My newest Michael Miller Fabric arrived today! Woo hoo!

Love it all! I will be listing it in my ebay store a.s.a.p.! Both are under "My Stores" in the right hand column - please visit!

19 January, 2011

Winged Heart Valentine Bib

LOVE LOVE LOVE this fabric!
So I made some sweet bibs for little Valentines!

12 January, 2011

Quilting Fabric Clearance Sale!

Check my ebay store! I have to clear out some inventory and am offering it below what I paid wholesale! Stock up and stash! I'll be working on it for awhile so please check back regularly!
Most of it will be 100% cotton quilting fabric from my quilt shop that I closed so you know it's good stuff! Just click on the link "My Ebay Store" on the right side of this page!

03 January, 2011

New Michael Miller Fabric - Yay!

Oh my gosh! I haven't posted anything forever! My youngest son spent some time in the hospital, the holidays hit and I am sure someone fast-forwarded time! The older I get, the faster it goes! So, I got some new Michael Miller fabric in before Christmas - that's always a good thing! Jam Session and two of the Quatrefoils (black and quartz.) I have them listed in my ebay and etsy shops. So far, I've made nursing covers from them but have a ton more ideas! I LOVE the colors in the Jam Session fabric! Happy New Year to all!!!