29 September, 2011

Christmas isn't right around the corner.....................

Unless you make most or all of your holiday gifts! I've been doing just that for - well - ahem - longer than I will admit. It seems like you can never start holiday projects soon enough. I am attempting to "make room" in my "making room." So, I shuffle, move, reshuffle and remove. I don't mean "remove" - oh no! I mean "re-move" so I don't actually have to part with the stuff that I love the very most! Which is pretty much everything.

So, I gave up for today and started taking photos of some winter fabrics & flannels to put in my ebay store. Well, isn't this just the cutest thing ever???? And it's from Moda so it's soft, warm and wonderful! I am going to make myself a quilt - maybe a rag quilt - to snuggle up in while I sit and hand sew, needle felt and crochet my way through winter! I listed some in my ebay store but naturally, I hoarded the rest! It's called Christmas Kitsch and I think these are the only three fabrics I have left from this line.

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