Pattern Designers that allow sales!

This page will be an ongoing list of pattern designers that sell patterns, tutorials, etc. that allow you to sell finished products made with patterns you purchase! Yay! Yep! Even on Etsy!
I cannot guarantee that this will be an ongoing policy with every seller so it would be best to double check before purchasing patterns from the designer. This is a starting point for you. I am only including designers that do not require a cottage license or anything else that will cost more than the original pattern purchase. I think it's nice to do that anyway!
I have designed and written patterns and it's alot of work! That is why I would like to encourage you to give credit to your designers and please respect their policies (no sharing, etc.)
I hope this helps us all be more eco-friendly, happy, healthy, creative, and prosperous!



SEWING/QUILTING (this includes hand sewing): - cute stuff!