ETSY finds! Check these out!

Etsy is the home of all things cool!
These are things I found on Etsy!
Please support handmade, eco friendly, recycled, and more by shopping ETSY!
Each fab item has a link below it so you can click on it to visit!
I LOVE coffee!
And nothing goes better with all the blackberry breads I've been baking than a great cup of coffee! So I headed to etsy to find all kinds of fab coffee things!
Ever go down the coffee aisle twice just to smell the coffee? I do!
This Cowboy Cappuccino candle sounds wonderful! I love the photo too!

This looks great! It's even in a cool tin!
That can totally justify a purchase for crafty recyclers like me!

Organic coffee! Check out this store for so many flavors!

Oh Yah! This is gorgeous and it holds 16 oz.!

From snappymirrors
Hahahaha! I LOVE this pocket mirror!

Yum! Just yum!
Wear your caramel frappuccino!

This is one of the coolest charm bracelets I have ever seen!

If I took a bath with this soap, I may never leave the tub again! Beautiful!

This is one of the cutest aprons ever! She has many more too!

Hot Doggy! Check out these puppies!
Love love love my puppy dog so I found some canine coolness on Etsy to share!
You can find all kinds of designer doggy duds and more on etsy!

Fab collars for your furry friend by GertyDesigns!

Here's a stylish and handy way to keep your walks clean.......

Who doesn't love peanut butter and honey??
Give your best friend healthy handmade treats! 

Dogs in the kitchen?? You bet!
On the refrigerator and under hot pans!

           Glass tile dog magnets from loriamckee      


Dogs in the mailbox? Sure, why not?

Dogs on the couch? Yep!

 Read a good book to your little one while he's snuggled up.....................


After story & nap time baby will need a snack .
So you'll need this doggone adorable baby bib.....

Don't have a doggy?
Make your own!
Check out all these different ways to add sweet puppies to your life...............

And we can't forget America's favorite dog............... 

 Fruit Salad! Berry Good Etsy Finds!

Blueberry coffee cups from monkmama

Mango Smoothie Whipped Soap by KreatedbyKarina


We'll have 3 Pina Coladas & a Margarita please!

Woo hoo! The sun is out today! Pina Colada & Margarita weather! Except I don't drink alcohol.
But I do love the taste and the smell of Pina Coladas & Margaritas! So, why not taste and smell great things while pampering yourself?  I knew I wouldn't have to search far for some fabulicious (my word) on etsy!



So belly up to the etsy bar and order one!

 Hello Shabby Chic!

Through all my changes in "styles" I've always held on to my love for shabby chic style - even if it's a tiny pillow in a corner. I just can't let it go! I'm French. Maybe that's it. This hanky valance is so beautiful! It's from LavenderDreams4Ever. This would add a touch of romance to your home!  Please click on the store name/link below the photo to visit her shop! She makes lavender eye pillows, sachets, dryer sachets, and more too!

Clifford the Big Red Dog! I love that ginormous fella'!

 A baby gift for only $14.00? I think this would be the perfect baby quilt or kid's blankie for travel! It has visual interest and color! Lightweight and washable! And it's handmade - now that is cool! This has "I Spy" potential - and I like that! Apparently crochet is not all that Charlene does! Visit her shop for crocheted baby sets and more ~ at amazing prices, I might add!
Click Her to visit : CrochetedByCharlene

It's May and it's still raining here in the Pacific I thought I'd find some color!
Never carry another naked bottle around! How great are these? Not only can you make your baby's bottle and your water bottle the cutest and most colorful, but using these covers will make bottles easier to grip and absorb some of the condensation after you remove your water bottle from the cooler or refrigerator! AND you'll be able to keep track of which is your water bottle or your baby's bottle when you are showing them off at your next playdate! Smart and cute! All the other babies will be jealous!

AT&T - Aqua, Turquoise, and Teal - Why? Because they make me so happy! I think that these are just fab! To go check any of these out closer just click on the BLUE link below each photo!



  1. Absolutely love the colors! That purse is just gorgeous and the shrug is so young and fresh looking! Thanks for featuring my earrings here - everything complements everything else so beautifully!

  2. Awwww thanks! I LOVE these colors sooooo much! You all did such wonderful work - who wouldn't love them!

  3. Hello, thanks for featuring my hand knit shrug. I love all your blue choice. Have luck with fas sales everyone!

  4. What a wonderful blog and feature. Thanks for including my purse!

  5. Thank you for the nice words guys! I am having fun looking at all the great stuff!
    xoxo, Cheryl