10 June, 2010

Wedding Gift - Table Runner and stuff

My favorite niecebyproxy is getting married this weekend. So I threw together this table runner and some matching hot pads. I am kind of second guessing myself here - is this an okay gift? I just adore her, she is sooooo sweet. I wanted to make something for her but is this enough? hmmmm.

07 June, 2010

Another Birthday........sigh...........LOL

Well, I had yet one more birthday...May 31st. I think they are getting closer together, the older I get! It was a nice, quiet day for the most part and I got to do some sewing! Yay! Apparently, my love for chocolate must be very well known! I ended up with 3 different chocolate cakes - LOL YUM! One really cool thing that happened was when I got a text on my phone and checked it...........up comes a photo of some of my nieces and great-nieces (and a very cute brand new great-nephew) holding a sign that said "Happy Birthday!!!!!" They all got together and sent me a photo. I never expected that and it made my tear up. How very sweet! I moved out of state so I don't see them nearly enough! Okay, enough of that sentimental stuff. I just love my family so much! So, I really love this birthday card. It's from etsy of course and made with paper designed by Amy Butler! From YesTeacher's etsy shop....check it out! Click here: