30 July, 2010

Wow! Cathedral windows quilting!

Okay I love love love these! Gorgeous colors and gorgeous work! This girl has talent! From pillow covers to pin cushions - and some fabulous quilts too! Please check out her etsy shop at the link below!

29 July, 2010

What a nice friendship card.......

This card is so pretty and what a beautiful quote! Handmade by ViveLaFranceDesign on etsy. Please go check out her shop!
Here's the link:

27 July, 2010

Natural crafting and a new etsy shop to see!

I love to look at new etsy shops and wanted to share this one with you!
I'm all for eco-friendly and natural crafting! This is a really cool design - spiral! This spiral hemp bracelet is from xPeppyandBellex on Etsy. Please click on the link below the photo to check out this new shop! http://www.xpeppyandbellex.etsy.com/

25 July, 2010

Bandit the Raccoon!

We have raccoons that like to climb up on our deck and eat our cat food at night! We named three of them "Bandit", "Bandito" and "Bandita" because they steal our kitty food! Little bandits! Well, the other night it was just beautiful out! Warm and clear and the river looked beautiful with the moon shining down. So, I was winding down and enjoying the peace and quiet late at night. Well, all of a sudden, I hear this growl coming from below the deck. Apparently, I stayed outside too late and Bandit was letting me know that I was keeping him from his dinner!

I thought this was so cute! I found him on etsy. Handmade by "BedBuggs" and his name is "Bandit"! Isn't he so cute?
Here is a link to him:

11 July, 2010

I need Pattern Testers! Crochet and Sewing.......

Anyone interested?
I am looking for people to test easy to intermediate crochet and sewing patterns and/or tutorials. If you are interested in being on the tester team, please leave a comment below OR contact me at FabricAndSuch@gmail.com and we can see if it works for you! It's not full time or anything fabulous, I just need some really cool people who LOVE to crochet or sew (or both!) that have the time and experience to test! Tester team members will have the right to sell finished projects under the terms of my copyright with NO cottage license required! As well, tester team members that have selling venues on etsy (and possibly other online sites) will be given credit for any photos along with their store info if so desired! So cross marketing and referrals are definitely a possibility!
Questions? Email me! Please! Thank you!

09 July, 2010

Fabric Fabric Fabric and more Fabric!

I've been scanning and scanning and listing fabric on ebay! Man, I have some really cute fabric. It's really hard to part with fabric. Even when you had a quilt shop full of it! And scrapbooking supplies & yarn...............not even going there. I'm a hoarder. I miss my store and especially my customers so much! But on the other hand, it's nice to be able to design and create for awhile!