11 July, 2010

I need Pattern Testers! Crochet and Sewing.......

Anyone interested?
I am looking for people to test easy to intermediate crochet and sewing patterns and/or tutorials. If you are interested in being on the tester team, please leave a comment below OR contact me at FabricAndSuch@gmail.com and we can see if it works for you! It's not full time or anything fabulous, I just need some really cool people who LOVE to crochet or sew (or both!) that have the time and experience to test! Tester team members will have the right to sell finished projects under the terms of my copyright with NO cottage license required! As well, tester team members that have selling venues on etsy (and possibly other online sites) will be given credit for any photos along with their store info if so desired! So cross marketing and referrals are definitely a possibility!
Questions? Email me! Please! Thank you!


  1. I would love to be a tester for you. I would do the sewing part. I can not crochet at all but want to learn sometime this year (you know in my free time lol). Well let me know if you need me.

  2. Hi Glenda! Thank you! I will be sending you a message in the next couple days, k? You are such a sweetie! Thank you!
    xoxo, Cheryl

  3. Hi:
    I just found your blog and would be interested in testing crochet for you. I have been crocheting for a very long time. If you are still looking for someone, please let me know. Thank you.
    You can look at some of my work here.