25 July, 2010

Bandit the Raccoon!

We have raccoons that like to climb up on our deck and eat our cat food at night! We named three of them "Bandit", "Bandito" and "Bandita" because they steal our kitty food! Little bandits! Well, the other night it was just beautiful out! Warm and clear and the river looked beautiful with the moon shining down. So, I was winding down and enjoying the peace and quiet late at night. Well, all of a sudden, I hear this growl coming from below the deck. Apparently, I stayed outside too late and Bandit was letting me know that I was keeping him from his dinner!

I thought this was so cute! I found him on etsy. Handmade by "BedBuggs" and his name is "Bandit"! Isn't he so cute?
Here is a link to him:


  1. Cute Blog! Love the Story too! Thanks for Sharing Bandit!

  2. Yes, I had to get the new background. The last one disappeared...lol

  3. Love the raccoon, I'm going to check out the shop...