04 April, 2011

More new fabric on the way!

It's like a national holiday for me whenever I get the shipping notifications! Wooty woot woot woot! I track the shipping 6 or 8 times a day until the morning of scheduled delivery - then I wait by the door, looking through the windows until my BFF of the day - Sam, the UPS driver - whom I refer to as "SAMta Claus" - shows up! Poor fella' probably dreads it. But he always has a smile on his face and is ever so helpful and kind. I'm pretty sure he thinks I am crazy. I'm not sure which fabrics are being shipped - sometimes they are out and sometimes they are on back order. Let's hope they are all in this shipment! I had to reorder a couple of these because they sold out! These are all from Michael Miller Fabrics and will be available in my etsy and ebay stores as soon as I can get them inventoried and listed! I just had to share my happiness!

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