10 August, 2010

Woo hoo! An award!

How cool is this? Jessica at http://ecofriendlyfreckles.blogspot.com/
chose me as one of 15 blogs that she loves! Thank you! I think I have all the rules right:
1. Post the award here - done! It's cute, huh?
2. Link back to the blog that awarded you the award - done!
3. Follow that blog - done! Happy to be a follower too!
4. Choose 15 of my faves - done and here they are in no particular order and I LOVE them all! My choices were made based on the fact that they go great with a cup of coffee and provide me with endless inspiration!
Please grab a cup of coffee and visit these blogs!


  1. Holy Smokers Cheryl Thank you so much... I am honored to accept this award from you.(Blushing)... Thank you for visiting my blog.. Cheers!!

  2. Ah, aren't you sweet!? Thanks so much.

  3. Hi Monique and Lori!
    Well thank you for commenting! You both have fabulous blogs that I really enjoy! All of them listed above are so great! I will continue to spend my coffee time watching for more great posts! xoxo,

  4. Thank you SO much, what a beautiful compliment - it has sure brightened my morning!

  5. Well, you are so welcome! You all inspire me and I really enjoy reading your blogs! So, thank you!
    xoxo, cheryl

  6. You are so kind! I feel incredibly honored to be in mentioned with this bunch. Many, many thanks, Cheryl!!

  7. Thank you SO much! I was totally blown away by this sweet award. What a beautiful compliment :-)

  8. Oh, all you girls are great! You are so welcome but I have to thank you for the time I get to enjoy spending at your blogs!
    xoxo, Cheryl

  9. I Love Your Blog Too. Thank you so much.