31 August, 2010

Fabric Sale! Quilting books and more too!

I just put everything in my ebay store on sale - please check it out!
Here's a link:


School starts tomorrow and I'm trying to clear out my fabrics and supplies - so I will be listing more too! Get ready for the holidays and make your gifts this year!


  1. great blog!

    please check out my blog and enter my giveaway :)


  2. I love all the fabric, to bad my hubby says we do not need fabric to live lol. Do you think you do better on ebay or etsy?

  3. Hi Glenda!
    Well, as far as doing better, hmmmmm....I think it depends on what I'm listing and how diligent I am at maintaining my store(s) - LOL
    I'm not really making much on my fabric, I just have to clear it out after closing my quilt shop. Sigh.......I sure miss my quilters and crafters. I need to email you and I will as soon as I get more of this stuff cleared out of here! So much stuff that I can't get anything made! Now that is terrible, isn't it? I must create!
    xoxo, Cheryl